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Understanding Homeopathic Remedies

Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 10:49 pm

Understanding Homeopathic Remedies

As an equine owner it is useful to have an understanding of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a fantastic modality that works holistically and enables you to treat your horse naturally without the use of drugs or potentially damaging substances.

Homeopathy is said to stimulate and strengthen your horse’s immune system and will not mask symptoms. When used correctly homeopathy is safe, inexpensive and easy to give to your horse.

In today’s blog I am going to give a brief overview of what homeopathy is, and the basic principles and uses of homeopathy for horses.iStock_000006069646XSmall

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine, which states that any substance that can cause symptoms of illness in man or animal can also be used in the treatment of any condition showing similar symptoms.  The principle of likeness between a ‘disease condition’ and its remedy is pivotal in the development of Homeopathy. The closer these two components, the greater the likelihood of success in treatment.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that treats each person or animal as a whole. What this basically means is when using homeopathics, the aim is not to treat the symptoms but to discover as much about the entire horse as possible in order to offer a remedy that reinforces the bodies own natural healing capacity. The principles of Homeopathy applies the ‘Law of Similars’, which means the remedies are capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy horse to those present in the unwell horse.

Homeopathics work on a vibrational level. This means that there is an energy exchange between the vital forces of your horse, and the remedy, and this in turn stimulates your horse’s immune response to combat disease. If the correct homeopathic remedy is chosen, the remedy will only act on the diseased part you are targeting and have a benign action on healthy tissue. But if you choose and continue to use the wrong remedy you may bring new symptoms typical of the illnesses associated with that remedy to your horse.

The beauty of Homeopathic remedies is that they can produce effective results for almost any condition and one single remedy has the potential to treat a number of associated symptoms.

HomeopathyBecause homeopathic remedies work holistically on your horse’s health; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your horse’s wellbeing need first to be explored before determining a suitable remedy.

Mental symptoms are considered very important when treating people with homeopathy. The classic homeopath will initially consult with you for one to two hours, gathering information on how you feel within your body and mind. They will ask questions about your dreams, your food intake and your reaction to weather patterns like the rain and the wind, which makes it an insightful process for the client. Once the homeopath has a concise history they will prescribe a single remedy that matches your symptoms and you as a whole person. Dosage can either be in tablets, drops, granules or powder.

To attain this information from your horse, good observation skills are essential. Observation of your horse in his surrounds, as well as reactivity to people, climate, other animals, noise and change are all important to consider.

Remedies can be found as tinctures, water dilutions, and in powder and tablet form. Owners must determine which system is best for the particular horse being treated. Remedies can be added to feed, or administered directly in the form of a dilution with sterile water. A common dosage would be to add 6-10 drops of liquid homeopathic remedy to a small syringe, fill with bottled water and squeeze into the horse’s mouth. Pillules can be slipped behind the bottom lip to be absorbed by mucous membranes. 1 Pillule equals 3-6 drops. Another good method is to place the homeopathic powder or tablet in a small piece of apple or carrot and feed directly. This method is popular amongst many horse owners. It is important to not directly handle the remedy first before offering it to your horse. Homeopathic remedies are sensitive and an be effected by scents, vibrations and temperature changes.

Homeopathic remedies can also be applied topically in a cream or ointment. For example, the remedy Arnica is often applied externally to joints and muscles in the form of a cream.Black Fresian photo

Homeopathic remedies are obtained from all natural sources, from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Homeopathy differs from herbal medicine in that poisonous plants can be used. To prepare a potentised remedy a measured drop of a solution called mother tincture (derived from plant or biological matter) is added to 99 drops of water/alcohol and the resultant dilution subjected to a mechanical shock, which is called succussion. This process imparts energy to the solution making it stable. This process of dilution and succussion renders even a poisonous substance safe to use. This preparation of a homeopathic remedy is a scientific procedure performed by a qualified pharmacist or homeopath.

Homeopathy is able to provide your horse with support and nourishment during times of imbalance, stimulating and strengthening your horse’s immune system, as well as in times of sickness, helping to realign and restore your horse to good health.

Homeopathic remedies can be used in first aid scenarios and for treating basic injuries, minor cuts & scrapes, puncture wounds, sprains & strains, inflammation, bug bites and hives. Homeopathics can also be used to support digestive, respiratory, hormonal, behavioural and muscular-skeletal health.

If you are curious and want to know more about how to use homeopathy on your horse, I recommend you read my ebook on “Homeopathy for Horses”.

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