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Hi, IZoe Dodds with Horse am an Equine Acupuncturist & holistic healer from Australia. Passionate about vibrant, blissful living & nourishing myself & others from the earth’s abundance.
Natural Horse Therapies was born from a desire to offer information to the community providing a wide selection of resources on natural care for your horse. I am deeply passionate about the power of natural therapies and the benefits of living naturally, close to the earth, with natural medicine, luscious foods and expanded awareness; so that we and our equine friends can experience vibrant wellness!

With over 15 years of working in the Equine industry I felt it was time to share, inspire and educate others of the choices available, so that horse owners around the world could provide their horses with the best natural support through informed choices and natural knowledge. The aim of this blog is to provide horse owners with information on herbs, massage, homeopathy, essential oils, tissue salts, nutrition and emotional wellness… and well, plenty more. We hope you will come and join in this uplifting community – and contribute as well!

A little about Zoe, founder of Natural Horse Therapies…..

Working with People

Zoe Dodds has a lifelong interest in Natural Health and Personal Development. A long term meditator and teacher, she has sought to empower others through understanding the world of nature and energy.

As a professional acupuncturist she is trained in a range of Oriental therapies; including Shiatsu Therapy, Cupping, Dietary Therapeutics, Sotai, Tui-na, Moxibustion, Gui Sha, Ryodoraku, Meridian Frequency Therapy, Scalp, Auricular and Cosmetic Acupuncture. Her trainings are in Classical, Zen and Barefoot styles of Shiatsu and all her qualifications are in both the people and equine fields of development. Zoe has further extended her studies to Herbs, Essences, Nutrition and a variety of complementary medicine modalities such as Aromatherapy and Homeopathy, that she applies to both people and horses.

Zoe has been meditating for 15 years and run retreats both in Australia and overseas teaching meditation and self-development. She is an experienced facilitator of change who focuses her skills on assisting people to break through the confines of limitation to live from their true, authentic selves.

Her passion in life lies in developing inner and outer harmony; and in cultivating balance, awareness and equanimity in daily life. Her focus is on creating a space where others feel deeply nourished, enriched and at home in themselves.

Zoe uses a variety of modalities to achieve peace of mind and ultimate well being with the people she works with.

Working with Horses

Zoe works as an equine educator and holistic equine therapist. She is author of several books on holistic therapies that empower people in understanding the subtle dynamics of equine health.

Zoe Dodds began her relationship with horses at an early age. By 10 years old she was competing successfully in dressage and show jumping. She trained in the UK in the traditional ‘starting’ of young horses and then went on to further her understanding in natural horsemanship in Australia, being at the forefront of the natural horsemanship movement. For five years Zoe ran a business near Melbourne called ‘Human-Horse Communication’ that involved the starting and training of young, inexperienced horses and the re-training of spoilt behaviour in older horses, before the term natural horsemanship was well known.

Her work emphasises that natural communication arises when one learns to work harmoniously with horses. She seeks to understand the way our horses think and interact, educating people in natural ways of handling and connecting with their horses. Zoe believes that developing a relaxed attitude of assertiveness with respect – whilst remaining centred and present, will always deliver the best results within one’s chosen field of horsemanship.

From an early age Zoe has felt the call of horses and has been deeply motivated to find ways that make the path of the horse in the human world one of pleasure and connection and richness. She believes each of us has the ability to experience a deep connection with nature and animals when we expand our consciousness to encompass all beings.

Zoe lives on the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia with her partner and family on 2 beautiful acres. Here she grows medicinal herbs and lives by the principles of permaculture and sustainable living.

Zoe’s mission statement is:

I am here to nourish, and am committed to the environment, animals and people of this planet. I aspire to the raising of global consciousness, providing a service for people wanting to find more of themselves and their horses, and those seeking balance and the wonder of being.

Please join us in this wonderful exploration of the World of the Natural Horse.

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